Wes Wingate and Hilary Scott began working together in 2006 when Hilary Scott was one of the artists featured on the compilation Million Dollar Bash, (Missouri-based artists tribute to the songs of Bob Dylan). Wes Wingate had long admired the work of Bob Dylan and had the vision to bring many musicians together for this extensive project. Hilary’s contribution to the compilation was a version of ‘To Make You Feel My Love’, and after working together in the studio, Wes and Hilary decided to perform a duet together at the live concert releasing the CD. They performed Dylan’s ‘Oh, Sister’ and it sparked the idea to record an album of duets together. Both songwriters, singers, and musicians in their own right, Hilary and Wes have also been featured separately on multiple albums, have produced and co-produced many projects, and perform as soloists and members of different bands, touring regionally and internationally. Both count among their inspirations some of the great male-female vocal pairings such as Dylan and Baez, or more recently, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. With the concept of putting vocal harmony and lyrical significance at the forefront of their performance, Wingate and Scott moved forward by choosing a mix of original and cover songs. ‘Consonance’, the resulting album, is set for release in May of 2009. Songs include covers of Dylan, Ryan Adams, Colin Hay and others, and original songs written by Scott and Wingate.

Listener Comments

“Wes and Hil…I just love this!!! This music is incredible and I keep coming back to this. Your voices together is sweet as wine. Incredible, just incredible guys…I can’t wait to the CD comes out!”

“Wow what a formula you two have…voices and playing blends into perfection. So looking forward to seeing where this journey takes you.”

“Oh Sister with Dylan and Emylou is such a classic I didn’t think anyone else would even dare… Not only did you guys dare to do it, you NAILED it! Awesome! “

“Wes and Hil!!! I’m off work tomorrow (yeah!!!) and had to come and listen to this wonderful combination of two terrific artist! I just love (and I mean LOVE) ‘Steal the world away’ and your version of Ewan MacColl’s ‘Dirty Old Town’…I know I’m going to be blown away when your CD comes out: because I’m blown away already.”  

“Awesome sound guys! Let me know when the album is for sale. Love your take on “Like A Virgin”.  Very creative…”

Hilary Scott and Wes Wingate — Consonance
Release date : May. 01, 2009
Label : Belltown Records, Inc.

1. Dirty Old Town (Ewan MacColl)
2. Mama You Been On My Mind (Bob Dylan)
3. Hey, Hey (Hilary Scott)
4. Oh, Sister (Bob Dylan)
5. Steal The World Away (John Henry Parr)
6. Come Pick Me Up (Ryan Adams and John Alston)
7. I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You (Colin Hay)
8. Back To The River (Michael Wesley Wingate and Hilary Scott)
9. Like A Virgin (Tom Kelly and Billy Steinberg)

Hilary Scott – vocals, guitar, violin, gitjo
Michael Wesley Wingate – vocals, piano, guitar, bass, percussion
Bruce Barkelew – backing vocals track 5, slide guitar track 6
John Henry Parr – guitar track 5
Pat Kay – mandolin tracks 1, 9
Rob Lampe – lap steel track 7

Produced by Michale Wesley Wingate and Hilary Scott
Recorded at Mansion Studio
Engineered and Mixed by Bruce Barkelew and Adam Roehlke
Mastered by Bruce Barkelew at Mansion Studio
Photography by Kevin Dingman and Adam Roehlke
Manufactured and printed by Disc Makers

Hilary Scott® (Hilary Helm, ASCAP) is a registered trademark
℗© Belltown Records, Inc. All Rights Reserved